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Dewa Poker

Dewa Poker Alternatif Poker game is currently Hot-hotnya In Indonesia, even Indonesia occupies 1 place in the world, for the category of most enthusiasts. This course will provide many benefits for us and vice versa, Well gini gan, poker was simply combine the numbers on the table. and to see the winner of the cards are in the hands or the Hand, which in combination with Table. The number of cards counted five cards, while the total amount of 7 cards, continued later the final result will be sorted, where the value of the card is higher, while Sequence card combination is as follows:

1. “High Card” higher value card will beat a card whose value is lower. Example Value 2 card will be lost by 3, 3 lost to 4, 4 lost by 5, etc. … 10 lost to J (jack), J inferior to Q (Queen), Q lost with K (King), K lost by A ( Ace). In poker, A could be number 1 if the condition of the existing card the table and hands allow in a position high value alias cards Lowest, could also card A becomes the highest figures, for example, 10, J, Q, K, A – A, 2, 3, 4, 5. Card type does not influence at all. Effect only if the conditions valued card Flush or one type.
2. “One Pair” whatever the highest card value too, will lose the card combinations named One Pair or only two the same number of total cards in 5 of 7 cards.
3. “Two Pair” One Pair “lose with Two Pair, of the number of cards 5 there are two types of the same figures.
4. “Two Pair” inferior to “Three of a Kind”.
5. “Three of a Kind” lost to “Straight”.
6. “Straight” inferior to “Flush”.
7. “Flush” inferior to “Full House”.
8. “Full House” lose with “Four of a Kind”.
9. “Four of a Kind” lost to “Straight Flush”.
10. “Straight Flush” lost with “Royal Flush”.


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